In the oil and gas drilling industry, millions of dollars are spent collecting data, but little to nothing is achieved for collecting all that data.  Our goal is to use the data you have already collected to understand your operations and drive performance to new levels.


Using an automated analytics engine and deep industry knowledge, we can identify key areas for improvement and practices worth replicating in your operations, whether the wells are being drilled today or years ago.  All of this data is hosted on our secure web portal for your review, when you need it.


Analytics in the oilfield has been a challenge as it is generally approached by IT focused groups, instead of drilling experts, this is where we differ, our solutions have been designed from the ground up to help the front line drilling staff to make meaningful decisions to improve operations.


We provide much more than just a simple rehashing of data, we strive to help companies answer big questions about their operations with targeted analytics and intuitive graphical representations.  If you have found yourself asking questions like the ones below, we have potential solutions to aid your operation.

  • Composite Well Analysis - What is the best theoretical well possible?

  • Micro KPI Analysis - How much time does your work unit really spend on routine activities?

  • Contracting Accountability - Are you getting what you paid for?

  • Drilling Parameter Roadmaps - What parameters were used previously and should be used to improve.

  • Performance Planning (Drill the Well on Paper) - What does the rig do well and what needs improvement?

  • Crew Breakouts - Is one crew better than the others, do they excel in all aspects or just a few?  

  • Automatic Realtime Benchmarks - Are your goals achievable?

  • Learning Curve Analysis - Will my current days or dollars deliver my long term field development goals?

  • Validate Integrated Activity Plans - Are my operations truly optimized for minimal first hydrocarbon?


Dashboards Give Immediate Insight to Performance

Quick snapshots of your performance are sometimes all you have time for, let us help to make it easy to understand where you stand.

Customizable Breakdown of Well Activities 


Our unique method allows you to define any variable you want to track or filter in the well data.

View KPIs Across Multiple Wells

All of your historical wells remain in our secure database for comparison, furthermore you can filter the data anyway you like for as much transparency as you desire.

Statistical Analysis Drives Understanding

By breaking out crews by KPIs we find new ways to capture strong repeatable performance and then duplicate it to other crews and rigs.


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